Elevator Traction Machine
Elevator Traction Machine

Elevator Traction Machine

Model NO.

Model NO. : CLA20-TM072

Use of Occasions : Elevator

Product Name : Elevator Traction Machine

Traction Ratio : 2:1/4:1

Transport Package : Wooden Case

Origin : China

This series of traction machine applicable for elevators with large rated load and Max. Rated speed at 10m /swhich is installed in ultra high-rise buildings .Both single wrap and double wrap is available. Advanced technologies is such as internal rotor dual supporting structure is adopted to ensure high efficiency and smooth operation. The adoption of imported brakes, in-house made high-performance magnets and other brand parts guarantees its temperature rising and noise level much lower  than the level required by relevant standards. 

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Model Number:CLA20-TM072
  • Type:Elevator Traction Machine

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