Elevator monitoring network cable
Elevator monitoring network cable

Elevator monitoring network cable

Model NO.

Model NO : CLE20-CL104

Material Shape : Flat Wire

Certification : ISO9001

Brand : Fengxu

Origin : China

Product NameElevator monitoring network cable
ModelThsy4 * 2 * 0.57 + tvvb2 * 1.0 + double steel wire
ColorElastic PVC grey
Network cable4 pairs of 8-core (multi strand) twisted pair
Single conductor9 0.2mm oxygen free copper. Enough 0.58 wire diameter
Power cordTvvb2 * 1.0 oxygen free copper
Weight200m, 38kg
Package specification200m / 500m (with mark)
Load bearingTwo 1.0mm strong rigid load-bearing steel wires
Executive standardJB / t8734.3-2012

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:Fengxu
  • Model Number:CLE20-CL104
  • Type:Elevator monitoring network cable

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