Superior Performance Travelator Cheap Cost Moving Walkway

Superior Performance Travelator Cheap Cost Moving Walkway
Conai Escalator from 2019-01-11

Compact and flexible structure: the short pallet greatly reduces the span of the space, making the whole structure more compact and flexible to adapt to the building grid, saving valuable architectural space for customers. Horizontal and inclined travelator planning series allow customers to choose freely according to their layout conception.

Quality/safety standard: short anti-skid slot on the surface of the pallet design, good skid resistance, make the ride safety comfortable. Comb of tiny Angle, can make the convenient shopping carts and freely in and out of the travelator. Dedicated host, complete security protection, stable operation, high drive efficiency. Advanced microcomputer control system can monitor the operation of the travelator comprehensively, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, operation to reduce maintenance time.

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Stable and reliable investment: short pallet attached directly to the chain, travelator more quiet smooth running to extend the use of the machine cycle and product maintenance more convenient. Specially designed drive roller handrail, low operating noise, driving force, improve the handrail operating conditions and the hand strap longer service life. Unique rectangular square structure has strong load capacity, greatly improved the stability of the travelator running and prolong the service life of the travelator.

Colorful decorative effect: the handrail belt has various styles, which can meet the personalized needs of different environments. The inner and outer cover plates are made of high quality stainless steel.

Incomparable economy: travelator makes full use of advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improves the performance, extends the life cycle of the travelator. Direct effect is to reduce the customer's operating costs, the optional frequency conversion drive technology, energy saving effect is significant, reduce the operating cost of the travelator to the greatest extent.

travelator, travelator cost, travelator dimensions, travelator design

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