Professional Elevator Door Supplier

Professional Elevator Door Supplier
Conai Escalator from 2018-03-14

      The elevator door lock, is the door, the door lock device (generally referred to the door). Under normal circumstances, the door is not open without a lock, and the protector is cut or fallen. It is an important safety device for elevators.

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The door locks mainly include lock hook, lock block, force element, roller, unlock door wheel, electrical safety shock and triangle lock.

1) lock hook, lock block and lock effect, lock door is not open, the engagement depth should reach above 7mm, endurance of over 1000N.

2) the force element is used to automatically reset the door after the door is opened, which is the reset device (when it fails, the force of gravity must not unlock the door).

3) the roller and the unlock door wheel are open lock. When the elevator reaches the station, the door motor passes through a series of mechanical transmission. Finally, the door blade is used to open the door lock and pull the door open.

4) the electric safety electric shock is to verify whether the lock hook and lock gear meshing is more than 7mm. Once the electrical safety has been disconnected, the elevator shall not be operated.

5) the triangular lock is used to open the laminated door in the abnormal situation, namely, the triangular lock on the floor door, which is not used by the non-professional.

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