Ningbo Conai | Do Not Let The Escalator Eat You On The Way To Work

Ningbo Conai | Do Not Let The Escalator Eat You On The Way To Work
Conai Escalator from 2017-11-20

When you are taking our CONAI escalator in the shopping mall, please be careful and read the tips below.

1. Escalator,

    first aid guide

In a section of the escalator installation instructions, there is such a period:

Escalator entrance and exit of the engine room are covered with non-slip convex stainless steel plate with stainless steel metal bearing layer, cover support frame made of 5mm stainless steel, have sufficient rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance, can withstand the peak passengers Load.

Normally manufactured and passed the acceptance of escalators, it should not happen so tragedy. However, something like that happened, most likely because of a change in its structure that did not start with safety regulations.

Since the 1892 elevator has been patented, it has not happened any major changes. Each step on or off the escalator is a big adventure, especially when the escalator steps disappear under our feet, a variety of clothing or a body part may be stuck at this time On the escalator In recent years, escalator accidents are not uncommon.

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2. "emergency button"

Elevator emergency key

The designers of escalators still design a (probably not very efficient) insurance. Regardless of the up and down direction, the escalator should have a red emergency stop button below the side of the escalator. The button position is usually chosen not to be easily triggered, but it is easier to find out if it is carefully noticed.

The button may looks like this:

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It may be like this:

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Also may be like this:

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It may be like this:

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Button may be located at:

1. Elevator entrance armrest

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