Safety Procedures for Elevator Maintenance and Maintenance Personnel

Safety Procedures for Elevator Maintenance and Maintenance Personnel
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Safety Procedures for Elevator Maintenance and Maintenance Personnel
      (A). general safety regulations for elevator maintenance personnel
      1. Elevator maintenance personnel must hold the local authorities issued by the low-pressure maintenance of "electrical operation permit" and "elevator maintenance work permit."
      2. Elevator maintenance, not less than two; work must be strictly in accordance with the safe operating procedures to do, is strictly prohibited drunk operation; work is not allowed to chat slapstick; not allowed to use the wire shorted bad door lock switch.
      3. Before work, should first check their own labor insurance products and carry the tools with or without problems, no problem before they can wear and carry.
      4. Elevator maintenance, generally not allowed to live work, if the need to live work, there should be a guardian, and a reliable security measures.
      5. Elevator in the maintenance, never allow passengers or loading.
      6. Proficiency in the safe use of the tools commonly used in this type of work, as well as lifting, disassembly safety requirements.
      7. Must master the first aid method of electric shock, master the knowledge of fire and fire fighting knowledge, master elevator failure and stop the way to rescue trapped passengers.
      8. You must master the procedure after the accident.
(B). The safety of the preparatory work before the operation
      1. In the car or the population should be clearly marked "overhaul" signs.
      2. Let unrelated personnel leave the car or other maintenance workplace, close the door, can not close the door, the need to use the appropriate barrier to block the population, to prevent unrelated personnel into the elevator.
      3. Maintenance of electrical equipment, the general should cut off the power or take appropriate security measures.
      4. When a person in the car on the top of the maintenance work, you must press the car top overhaul box emergency stop button, or pull the safety gear linkage switch, close the door, in the control box hanging " , Are not allowed to tamper with "signs.
      5. Enter the pit should first open the pit low-voltage lighting, and then press the pit parking switch, cut off the elevator circuit, so that the car can no longer run. And in the station and the door, car door hanging warning signs.
(C) the safety regulations in the maintenance work
      1. The elevator must be closed when refueling, cleaning, or observing the wear of the wire rope.
      2. people work on the top of the car, standing there should be a choice, the foot must not have oil, or should be clean to prevent slipping.
      3. Person in the car roof ready to start the elevator to observe the work of the elevator parts, you must hold the car rope head plate; car frame or protective fence and other mechanical parts. Can not hold the wire rope, and pay attention to the whole body placed in the car frame size, to prevent the other parts of the bruise. Need to be the car within the car or maintenance personnel to open the elevator, to explain and with a good, without permission not allowed to lift the elevator.
      4. In the case of multiple elevators sharing a hoistway, the elevator should be careful, in addition to pay attention to the situation of the elevator, but also should pay attention to the dynamics of other elevators to prevent their collision.
      5. Do not smoke in the hoistway and car roof.
      6. When the electrical parts should be repaired as far as possible to avoid live work, must be charged operation or difficult to completely cut off the power supply in the case of operation should be to prevent electric shock, and the host and assistant coordination, should pay attention to the elevator suddenly start running.
      7. The use of hand lights must be used with a shield, the voltage is 36V below the safety light.
      8. Do not allow the maintenance personnel to stand outside the hoistway to the hoistway, and two feet standing between the top of the car and the door between the door, or between the door on the door and the car pedal for a long time between the overhaul operation.
      9. After entering the bottom pit, the emergency stop switch on the pit check box or the breakout switch of the speed limit tensioner should be disconnected.
     10. Maintenance work gaps To temporarily leave the site, the following security measures should be taken.
  • Close the layers (hall) door, a moment off must be set obvious obstacles and in the floor of the door hanging "dangerous", "do not close" warning signs.
  • Cut off the total power switch.
  • Cut off heat sources such as torch, iron, welding machine and light and so on.
  • When necessary, should be set on duty.
      11. When the repair operation is completed, the following work should be done:
  • Collect the inventory tool material, clean and clean the work site, remove the warning signs and signs.
  • To restore all the switches to the original location, and test run, check the institutions, electrical and other intact.
  • Fill in maintenance records.
  • The repair of the elevator delivery acceptance.
  • The safe operation of maintenance personnel in the maintenance of the main parts of the elevator
1. Safety requirements in the maintenance of the engine room:
(1) It is forbidden to carry out maintenance when the hoisting machine is running.
(2) in the maintenance of electrical equipment and lines, must be disconnected in the case of power; live work, must be in accordance with the safe operation of safe operation procedures; grounding device is good.
(3) When adjusting the brake, it is strictly forbidden to release the brake spring (brake main spring); if it must be loose, there must be measures to prevent the car.
(4) During the maintenance of the equipment room, the elevator driver or maintenance personnel must be left in the car. When the car is operated in the room, only the maintenance speed is allowed, and it must be connected with the person in the car or on the top of the car. , In the car, the door closed before closing the car; it is strictly prohibited in the open door to open the case of the car.
(5) When you need to manually turn the car, you must first disconnect the power. The car must be connected with the top of the car and the car inside the staff, in order to prevent the brake is open, the car accidental slip car, the brake operator will be intermittent work, and ready to brake brake ready The For non-reducer of the elevator, not suitable for use to repair vehicles.
2. Safety requirements for maintenance on top of the car:
(1) Non-service personnel are forbidden to enter the top of the car. Before entering the car, you must know the exact location of the car. Before you open the floor door into the top of the car, you must see the location of the car, see the surrounding environment, to ensure that there is no miscellaneous staff at the door. Safety is absolutely no problem, before entering the top of the car. Immediately after entering the top of the car, close the door and prevent others from entering.
(2) into the top of the car, first cut off the car on the top of the box on the emergency stop switch (button), so that the elevator can not run, and then put the switch on the maintenance state.
(3) in the top of the car maintenance personnel generally not more than three people, and a person responsible for the operation of the elevator. Before starting, please remind all the people on top of the car to pay attention to safety, and check the no problem, the side can speed maintenance operation. When driving the car on top of the staff, are not allowed to any part of the body out of the fence.
In the car on the top of the inspection should pay full attention to safety, focus on the steady standing can not stand on the ride at work. In the various work, should be cut off the car on the top of the maintenance switch, so that the car can not run, only the car roof maintenance personnel that need to lift the car, can be issued by his own instructions, turn on the maintenance switch to run the car The It is important to note that when the leveling plate has been inserted into the sensor, although the elevator running button is not pressed, but as long as the circuit connected to the elevator car will be automatically flat, so the roof of the staff must be checked before opening the maintenance switch Whether the layer of the magnetic plate has been inserted into the sensor, is expected to occur the action, choose a safe place to stand in order to do security foolproof.
(4) maintenance, is strictly prohibited between the car and the door to operate between. Smoking is strictly on top of the car.
(5) to leave the top of the car, the car should be on the operation of the box on the function switch reset, car top is not allowed to store spare parts, tools and debris. To ensure that the door closed before leaving.
3. Safety requirements for maintenance in the car:
(1) before entering the car, you should first confirm the exact location of the car, must not just look at the floor indicator light to determine the number of layers to determine.
(2) into the car, to check the function buttons on the control box is flexible and reliable, the car is not allowed to smoke.
(3) maintenance and maintenance of the elevator, it is strictly prohibited to open the door. If the door is faulty temporarily can not be closed, you must hang warning signs, equipment, fence, and send someone to monitor.
(4) in the car work, it is strictly prohibited any part of the body than the car at the end of the net, to prevent crush.
(5) When leaving the car, the car's car door and the door should be closed and locked ladder before they can leave.
4. Safety requirements for maintenance in the pit:
(1) first cut off the elevator emergency stop switch, and then down to the pit work.
(2) to use the ladder when the bottom pit. The ladder to be strong, placed reasonable, smooth, is strictly prohibited in the pit smoking.
(3) work in the pit, the need to drive, maintenance personnel must pay attention to the location of the safe, to prevent being with the line, balance chain pocket, or other accidents.
(4) the bottom of the pit must have low-voltage lights, and the brightness enough to meet the work requirements.
(5) When working in the bottom pit, pay attention to the surrounding environment, and prevent the device from bumping in the bottom pit.
(6) in the pit work, never allow the engine room, car top, etc. at the same time maintenance, to prevent accidents.
(5) the elevator in the maintenance of electricity safety regulations
1. The main power must be disconnected when servicing or servicing the elevator. Elevator car can not be carried or loaded, at the same time should be in the floor of the door, car control box, room control cabinet, etc., hanging "overhaul", "not allowed to close", "repair, can not start" and so on Of the warning signs, the test should be a unified command, according to the instructions issued by the commander in order to pick up the warning signs or lift the elevator.
2. Elevator to check, test, repair, cleaning work should be the room power switch off to ensure safety.
3. Elevator inspection and maintenance, you must use the following 36V safe voltage. For this elevator room, the pit of the pit, car top or car bottom should be installed for inspection with low-voltage power outlet.
4. Elevator The metal case of all electrical equipment should be well grounded:
(1) electrical equipment, cabinets, screens, boxes, boxes, tanks should be easy to identify the ground.
(2) according to the ground color for the yellow and green insulated insulated wire.
(3) The neutral and ground lines should always be separated.
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