Little Knowledge: Elevator Triangular Key Management System

Little Knowledge: Elevator Triangular Key Management System
from 2017-06-20
Little Knowledge: Elevator Triangular Key Management System
1, the triangle key must be trained and obtained special equipment operating permit personnel to use. Other people shall not use.
2, the use of the triangle key must be accompanied by a security warning card or in the triangle keyhole around the warning signs: Note prohibit non-professionals to use the triangle key, the door is opened when the car to determine the location.
3, the user or the owner must specify one or more people with a certain electromechanical knowledge as an elevator administrator, responsible for the daily management of the elevator; the number of elevators more units, elevator managers should obtain special equipment operating permit.
4, the elevator manager should be responsible for collecting and managing the elevator key (including the control box, the engine room door key, the key to unlock the lock, the door unlock the triangle key); if the elevator administrator changes should do the triangular key transfer work.
5, is strictly prohibited any person to the triangular key to the unrelated personnel to use; otherwise, cause an accident, at your peril.
6, the correct use of the triangle key method:
1) open the hall door, you should first confirm the car position; to prevent the car is not in the layer, resulting in Ta Kong fall accident;
2) open the doorway lighting, remove all kinds of debris, and pay attention to the surrounding must not have other unrelated personnel;
3) insert the triangle key into the unlocking hole, confirm the direction of unlocking;
4) the operator should stand, keep the center of gravity, and then press the unlock direction, slowly unlock;
5) After the door is opened, first open the door door about 100mm wide seam, remove the triangle key, observe the situation inside the well, especially at this time the door can not open too much open;
6) After the operator has completed the lock, make sure that the door is securely locked.
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