Elevator Professional Carbin Machined Lift Rail

Guidance System

Elevator Professional Carbin Machined Lift Rail

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lift rail, lift rail system, lift guide rail sizes, lift guide rails, lift guide rails manufacturers

Naming of Lift Rail

Naming of guide rail follows ISO standard, machined guide rail consists of 3 elements e.g. T type guide rail, width of the base and manufacturing process. /A means cold drawn guide rail, /B means machined guide rail, /BE means high precision machined guide rail, if there is necessity using the numbering to show the width of the base and cutting plane of the guide rail e.g. T45/A, T50/A, T70-1/B, T75/B, T78/B,T82/B, T89/B, T90/B, T114/B, T127/B, T127-1/B, T140-1/B, T140-2/B, T140

Chemical Composition

(Mn):0.35%~0.65% ;

Increase carbon content in steel, the breaking point and tensile strength will be increased as well but the elongation and resistance to impact will be reduced.

Silicon acts as a reducing and deoxidizing agent, Manganese acts as deoxidizing and desulfurizing agent, both improve toughness and strength property of steel. Phosphorus and Sulphurn are toxic agents in the steel, both reduce elongation and toughness property of steel, theirs content is less than 0.045%. The hardness of guide rail will ensure the safety grip gains sufficient friction during the break mechanism.


Q1What’s the warranty time of lift rail?
A1:  Normally 12 months from the date of its shipment from us.
        Different products with different warranty time.
        For example: Handrial : 2-3 years; Step: 1 year; Roller: 1 year.
Q2What’s the delivery time of lift rail?
A2: Normally 7-15 working days after receiving your payment.
       For some products we have stock.
Q3Can I have a lift rail for testing?
A3: Yes. Samples are available but not free.
       The sample expense can be refunded in the formal order.
Q4Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
A4: Sure, welcome to visit our factory.
       Please send us your schedule before you come.
Q5What’s the packaging of lift rail?
A5: Crate/Carton/wooden box/composite material box.
       According to customers' kindly request.


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