Be Careful When You Child Are Taking Escalator

Be Careful When You Child Are Taking Escalator
CONAI Escalator from 2017-10-17
Recently, Zhejiang Yiwu 6-year-old boy toward the sightseeing elevator control box pee, then dropped more than 30 meters high elevator shaft, the occurrence of accidents can not ignore the safety of children walking safety education.
Yesterday, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Safety Science and Technology to carry out the "quality of the month" elevator safety knowledge lecture hall activities, professionals into the Shenyang City Heping District Wang Lake Road Primary School, for primary school students to teach safe ride knowledge.
Parents take their children to take escalators
Three "dangerous" do not ignore
According to the quality control departments to grasp the situation, the escalator on the dangerous population, the children accounted for more proportions.
Professionals suggest that parents take their children to take escalators, beware of the three dangerous points "plot".
Dangerous points: the gap between the rungs and the apron plate
Reminder: In accordance with the relevant norms, apron plates and steps, pedal between any side of the horizontal gap should not be greater than 4mm, while the child fingers have 7 ~ 8mm thick, thicker arms. Was caught in the gap is due to the apron plate and the steps in the movement, it will produce the power of the child's fingers or even arm into the gap. In addition, some children take the escalator like to lean on the apron plate, if inadvertently the toe, shoelaces or trousers involved in the gap, will be brought into the foot.
Dangerous point: angle between armrest and building
Reminder: the child curious, the lack of risk is expected, when the uplink process out of the escalator down to see, easily lead to accidents.
Dangerous point: between the pedal and the end of the comb plate gap
Reminder: child fingers small, poor balance, once fell on the escalator, easy to cause harm.
safety warning
Do not rush to pick up the escalator toy
Quality supervision departments to remind parents to take their children escalator to comply with safety precautions, keep in mind the "eight attention."
1. When you take a ladder, stand on a yellow safety line and stand on the right side.
2. Parents are best to let the child standing in front of their own body or both sides, tightly pull the child, so safer.
3. Can not be the body out of the armrest device, so as to avoid the impact of the building.
4. toys fall on the escalator walking, do not let the children pick up, so as not to pinch your fingers.
5. Do not let the child retrograde on the escalator, climb, play, lean or squat on the pedal, prone to danger.
6. Be careful not to let your child's hands, clothing and shoelaces be caught in the gap of the escalator.
7. If the child accidentally fell, to cry for help, please close the escalator emergency stop button passengers press the button, the escalator will be in 2 seconds buffer 30 to 40 cm automatically stop.
8. Minors are advised to take escalators under adult supervision and do not allow children to ride alone.
In addition, the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Safety Science and Technology engineers to remind the elevator ladder when the elevator door is bound to run away with the hand to stop the elevator door is closed, may be caught or fall, there may be conflicts with others.
Big move easily lead to elevator safety device action, causing the elevator to stop running, do not slap in the car, will be very dangerous. Rough operation easily lead to elevator failure, but also easy to bring trouble to other passengers, parents must see the child, do not press the floor button.
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