How Many Kinds of Escalators are there?

How Many Kinds of Escalators are there?
Conai Escalator from 2017-11-27

With the economic rebound in many countries, many countries have begun to make their own home-based projects according to their own needs.

For example, government needs such as the expansion of the subway line, airports, railway stations and other public transportation hubs facilitate public transportation while other sensitive businessmen Starting from crowded neighborhoods, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other business centers are being built to help people live their lives. In the middle of these large-scale projects, escalators play an indispensable role. Today we are going to pick up an escalator classification:

Escalators by purpose are divided into:

1. Light Escalator ( Business Escalator)

Light escalators are generally used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels or office buildings and other commercial establishments, it is also known as the business escalator, which is designed for convenience, comfort, beauty, low voice and other aspects of consideration, it is generally more suppliers in the glass Handrails, colored handrails, all kinds of lighting, decoration up and down effort; business escalator conventional speed of 0.5m / s (also specified speed customers), are now as we raise awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction effect, Basically the customer will VVVF (commonly known as frequency conversion) function as a standard configuration;  (Click to see more type commercial escalators)

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2. Heavy-duty Escalator (Public Traffic Escalator)

Heavy-duty escalators are generally used in the subway, airports, railway stations, overpasses and other relatively densely populated areas, and some pedestrians will baggage and so on, it is also known as bus escalators, is a public transport system To meet the practical, stable, strong, long-term operation, heavy load and other purposes, the average heavy duty escalator requirements to achieve weekly operating time of about 140h, the speed from 0.5m / s ~ 0.75m / s range, And the continuous heavy load time is not less than 0.5h at any interval of 3h, the load of which should reach 100% of the braking load and other high standards. Most of the above areas belong to the public transportation system in many countries and are mostly government investment projects Department, rail transport department, airport, etc.), the supplier of the project will usually be selected by bidding. Of course, depending on the specific requirements of the escalator for each project in each country, the quality and price of the escalator will be Ups and downs.


More details on bidding for heavy-duty escalators are available (

Conai Escalator to remind you that the escalator is not just a product so simple, the latter part of the installation and maintenance is also very important, for more information on escalators and the overall export solutions, please contact Conai Escalator. 


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