How to find your escalator step?

How to find your escalator step?
Conai Escalator from 2017-12-19

How to find your escalator step

Some of our customer do not know how to find the current step. They don't what information can help them to find what they want.

According to the use of materials to distinguish the step. There are stainless steel step and aluminum step.

Stainless steel step is made of stainless steel and combined by different parts,so the disadvantage are heavy weight, poor accuracy, but it’s cheaper than aluminum step.

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Aluminum Step is made of aluminum and one suppressed. The advantage is light weight, high precision and high processing speed, but it’s expensive than the stainless steel step.

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When you asked to find a kind of escalator step from your customer. You need to know follow information to make sure you can find the right product.

First is the serial number of the step, every escalator step have a special code. Second is the brand of escalator, then the picture. You also need to know the size of the roller. With these information, you can find the current escalator step.

But if you only have the picture, just send to us, we are professional.


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