How to choose escalator handrail

How to choose escalator handrail
Conai Escalator from 2017-12-18

How to Choose Escalator Handrail

1.Geometry Identification

There are basically two main types of handrails: C-type(standard) and Vee-type. The most important dimensions are the inner width with (B), inner height (E) and the lip width (A). All handrails are also available in colour for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Handrail Color

Conai has exactly the color you are looking for. We have 8 standard colors and 30 optional colors in our range.

We can offer high quality hanrail with different colors according to your requirements.  (More different color of handrail)


3.Structure of the Handrail



4.Handrail Material 

The Cover Rubber : 



The Inner Layer :

PA/PES Fabric


The Sliding Layer :



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