3-year-old girl severs two fingers in escalator in Salt Lake City

3-year-old girl severs two fingers in escalator in Salt Lake City
Conai Escalator from 2017-12-21
Please Be Careful when you taking the escalator
      A three-year-old girl in Salt Lake City cut his fingers with two fingers on an escalator in Salt Lake City Wednesday morning.
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      "Today, at 8:30 a.m., we received a call from Smith on the 555 East and the Southern 500. A three-year-old girl had cut his finger on the escalator and broke under the knuckle Opened two fingers. "Audra Sorensen, a public information officer in the Fire Department at Salt Lake City.
      Response No. 1 from the fire department responded, and Sorensen said responders shipped the girls to pediatric hospitals for treatment within three to four minutes.
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      Sorensen said she did not know what the cause of the accident was, but said the incident was a powerful reminder to be vigilant.
      She said: "I think this is a good reminder that accidents can happen at any time and you should always call 911 right away." Pay attention to things around you, because even if they are simple things, you never Know when, especially young children, there may be some minor accidents.
      Sorensen said although the warning signs of common items like escalators may seem overkill, there is a reason to remember this sign.
      "Every warning sign feels too much, right? But the truth is, everything has some associated risks," she said.
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